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Does Clash Royale need a presentation? No. But just in case we’re making it anyways. Clash Royale is a mobile game developed by the successful Finnish company Supercell.  It is a 1v1 game wher eeach player has 3 towers and the objective is to tear down  enemies’ towers. To accomplish that we will use different troops combined in a deck that we will deploy in the arena.

But the real question is: is Clash Royale an e-Sport? We do believe that it is. Along 2016, and despite the short life of the game, there has been various tournaments and leagues, both national and internationally, so we expect this trend to be repited in 2017. But let’s meet our team.

The team is made up of well-known players of the Hispanic Community of Clash Royal, and proud members of the Clan Family RoyaleconQueso. They’re young, persevering and they have the ability to impress with their quick and intelligent play.

eldestructor96 “Destru”

He is one of the best known competitive players in the Hispanic Community of Clash Royale. He is a member of  the RoyaleConQueso family since March 2016. Although being the youngest player of the team, with 16 years he shows a brilliant list of triumphs: he took the #1 in the Madrid Games Experience Clash Royale tournament and he has been selected in the Spanish national team for Clash Royale. His trophies best position is over 5,100, and he has obtained over 50,000 cards in challenges and 23,000 in tournaments.


Arrived from Cádiz, he is a very skilled tournament player, as his multiple wins in 1,000 players tournaments and his victory in ESL can prove it. This has led him to represent Spain in the national team for the World Clash League. He is a member of RoyaleConQueso since October 2016 and has stood out in the clans’ competitive system with its wonderful Zapbait deck. He has over 75,000 cards in challenges and 19,000 in tournaments, and his personal trophy record is above 5,100. His last success was the direct qualification for the final stage of the Mobile Challenge that is going to be held during the Mobile World Congress.

❤ Cuchii Cuu ❤

Cuchii, aka barbarian hut lover, is a player with big prospection in the Clash Royale competitive scene. Arrived from Mallorca, he has over 100,000 cards won in challenges and 22,000 in tournaments in his profile. He is a member of RoyaleConQueso since June 2016 and now he wants to stay there for a long time. Its personal trophy record is over 5,100.


Our Mexican player enjoys squashing enemy troops with the bowler and achieved 5,000 trophies being level 11. Watching him playing in tournament rules is a delight and as a proof, the 115,000 challenge cards in his profile. He usually trains with well-known competitive players in Reddit Alpha clan, but his heart will always remain with RoyaleconQueso. His personal trophy record is over 5,200 and he has reached México’s top several times.

But, who pulls the strings?

Some of the best-known players of the Hispanic Community of Clash Royale: Fuyur, Karlitos, JDcito y Toka, whose dedication and game knowledge allows this project to get ahead.


  • Team Queso yo quisiera unirme a teami queso pero lo qúnico no se es si me quieran o si soy bueno así que estaba pensando que ustedes me pusieran un tipo de prueba para que vean ustedes si, si me dejarían entrar o no porfavor es uno de mis sueños

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