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Since Team Queso will be playing during this weekend the Challenger Battles that give access to the Vainglory8, we will use this chance to talk a bit about the most important Vainglory competition in Europe (and in each region). As you already know, the game has different servers for different parts of the world. Each region of the map has a server dedicated exclusively to people who belong to said region. These players cannot interact with each other. That is, someone playing on the North American server (NA), will never be able to play with someone who plays on the South American server (SA), or in the European (EU), or in the Southeast Asian (SEA) or East Asian (EA). Each region operates separately, and they all have their own Vainglory 8, the most important competition in which the 8 best teams from each region participate. That is to say, NA has its own Vainglory8 with the 8 best NA teams, EU has its own Vainglory8 with the 8 best EU teams, and so on. How does Vainglory8 work? Every weekend a new Bo3 direct elimination tournament takes place. The tournaments are structured as follows: quarter-finals, semifinals, third and fourth place matches and the finals. On Saturdays, the 4 qualifiers for the quarter-finals take place, and on Sundays the rest. The preliminary rounds on Saturdays will be different every time, so that at the end of the two splits all teams have played against each other.

How is the winner decided?

It’s fairly simple, the teams will be awarded a point for every victory they achieve on the weekend. Two extra points are awarded to the finalists as a reward for getting there. Thus, the winner of the weekly tournament will receive 8 points (6 total wins taking into account quarter-finals, semifinals and finals, and 2 extra points). The runner-up will receive 6 or 7 (4 taking into account quarter-finals and semifinals, 2 as a bonus for being finalist, and 1 more if said team loses 2-1 during the finals). The third one will receive between 4 and 5 (2 for passing quarter-finals, 2 for winning the matches for the third and fourth place and 1 more if they have managed to win a game in the semifinals). The fourth will receive between 3 and 4 (2 for passing quarter-finals, 1 if they win a game in the semifinals, and 1 more if they win a game in the matches for the third and fourth place). The 4 teams eliminated in the quarter-finals will receive 1 point if they win a game during the Bo3 series, or none if they lose 2-0.

What’s going on in Europe?


After the fourth week of the competition, Sk Gaming made a comeback and took the first position, totalling a sum of 19 points. Mousesport started strongly but eventually was relegated to the second place, also having earned 19 points. Fnatic also have the same amount of points after defeating Dynasti, who fell to the fourth place. However, here comes the tricky thing. Supremacy was at the bottom of the table with 0 points, but before finishing the split they acquired Rising Lotus, a team that had managed to take the fifth position. Thus postponing their doom. G2, Reliable Union and Avalanche are also at the bottom of the table. G2’s poor performance is something that nobody expected since they were the best team in Europe during the last season having the same players. However, DarkPotato’s problems and the constant position changes have been a decisive factor. Regarding Reliable and Avalanche (previously Supremacy), the two teams probably deserved to be at the bottom of the table and are most likely to be the ones to be relegated. Let’s hope Team Queso can get a place among the giants!