How does Vainglory’s competitive scene work?

How does Vainglory’s competitive scene work?

Vainglory, the MOBA created by Super Evil Megacorp is a pioneering mobile game in the eSports scene but

How does it work?

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The official Vainglory competition is called Vainglory8.It’s a seasonal competition (which matches the seasons you can see inside the game) in which the top eight teams from NA and EU servers compete in bracket tournaments every weekend that allow them to accumulate points. You can follow this broadcast on the Vainglory’s Twitch channel.

And what are these points for?

These points will determine which teams move to the Live Finals held at the end of each season. The top 6 teams from NA and EU will take part in said Finals. Winning these Live Finals is the ultimate goal of every Vainglory competitive team.

In addition, the winner of these Live Finals receives automatically an invitation to the Worlds, the Vainglory World Championship where teams from all servers (EU, NA, SA, EA and SEA) gather, and which takes place in December each year.

And how can my team enter the Vainglory8?

Easy! Well, truth be told, it’s not that easy. During each season, the Challengers take place. These are competitions in which the 32 best teams among those requesting access will be chosen to participate. There are two different brackets, one for EU and another for NA with a double elimination system (therefore, even if you lose a round, you still have a chance, although a slim one, to win).
The top 8 of this bracket will compete again in a Playoff that will determine the final classification.

These Challengers are run by the Vainglory League (VGL) in Europe and by the  VIS League League in North America and are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the same weeks as the Vainglory8 (which takes place on weekends). You can follow both competitions on the VGL´s Twich ChanneL and VIS League’s Twitch channel.

The 3 winners of the Playoff have the right to choose a team from among the last 3 ones of the Vainglory8. By doing so, the winner of the Playoff will freely choose one of the last 3 teams: it is possible to choose the last one to secure the place or, on the contrary, choose the penultimate one if they want to take the risk and get points in the league. This is something that completely depends on the strategy of each team. If they win, they will kick the losing team out from the Vainglory8 and take its position, as well as preserve all their accumulated points. These challenges are called “Battles” and take place twice a season, so you can try to access the V8 twice, through the split 1 and the split 2.

Y Team Queso, ¿Dónde compite?

What about Team Queso? Where does it compete?

As we have said on many occasions, when we founded Team Queso we did it with the conviction that the road to success is to build having an organic perspective. That’s why we chose promising and talented players from within the Hispanic community . Thus, we started our journey trying to climb positions in the Challengers. Since our foundation in February, this is the third Split in which we tried to reach the Challenger Battles and get a place within the Vainglory8. Although the first two attempts didn’t fare well, we keep taking small steps towards success. Having a team that works well together is something that takes time to achieve. As we told you in an earlier post, in this Split we have managed to enter the Playoffs and throughout this week we will know if this is, finally, the Split in which we will reach the Battles to fight for our ultimate goal: Claiming our longed-for place in the Vainglory 8.

Down below you can check the podcast just released by  Eloesports, La Cueva del Kraken, in which our Vainglory Coach Raul1029 talks about the goals and the evolution of our team.

See you in the Halcyon Fold!

Ver vídeo en directo de eloesports en


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