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Team Queso has organised a league that aims to be a watershed in the Brawl Stars competitive scene

The Queso Cup: Starr Park Edition is finally here, the new Brawl Stars competition organised by Team Queso will be broadcast live by Alvaro845 and in 4 other languages. The best teams in Europe will be taking part in this competition. Team Queso also hopes that this tournament will help to lay the foundations for a competitive framework that will last a long time.

Eight teams will participate in this first invitational and will bring together the best players in the world: Tribe Gaming, CODEMAGIC Purple, QLASH, SK Gaming, ZeroZone, S2V Esports, CODEMAGIC Black. 

They will compete for a prize pool of €5,000 following a Round Robin (free-for-all) format followed by some playoffs. This format offers very interesting competitive novelties. 

The competition kicks off on Monday the 5th of October and will take place every Monday and Wednesday at 21:00 (CEST) during the month of October. You will be able to watch it live on Alvaro845’s Twitch channel. The competition will also be broadcast in:

English: Falcone, Ark 

Italian: Gigi

French: JSGOD 

Polish: Veni Gaming

If you want to follow every detail of the competition check out AppGradeEsports, the mobile app where you will be able to find every result, upcoming match, calendar and be completely up to date with the tournament.


The aim of this Queso Cup is to be long lasting and, hopefully, in the future there will be a system of divisions, promotions and relegations and the possibility for any of you to qualify and compete and play against the best. 

Don’t miss it, support your favourite team and let’s have fun with Brawl Stars!



  • Buenos días, me gustaría presentar-me en algún torneo o que me valoren como jugador para entrar en algún equipo. Mi ID es “elgarulo” y me gustaría que puedieran ver mi potencial.
    Espero un respuesta para hacer algún tipo de test o prueba.

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