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On the 23rd, 24th and 25th of June, the Gamergy Masters, the most important Clash Royale face-to-face tournament held so far in Spain, took place in Madrid. Top-level players, both national and international, competed in the Gamergy Masters where they battled for two long days to determine who would emerge victorious and claim the €14,000 prize pool.

We, Team Queso, had high expectations on our performance during the tournament. Our players were ready to gave their all in the arena and face adversaries of the calibre of MalcaidezTeemperInnerlolJigswaqt, among others.


During the first day of the competition, the Swiss tournament matched up the 128 best players to determine the 16 chosen ones who would qualify for the playoffs during the second day of the competition. It was a really tough phase of the tournament that left its mark on the players, who had to play seven best-of-five rounds. Soking and Cuchii Cuu were undoubtedly the two best players of the day, their performance was simply astounding.

Video property of the LVP about the Gamergy Masters

The last day of competition started with 5 of our players in the Top 16, Soking, Cuchii Cuu, Coltonw83Mthja and RomK7, Team Queso being the team with the most representation in the last stage of the tournament.

Finally, Coltonw83 claimed the crown of the Gamergy Masters, sweeping his opponent Jigsawqt, one of the tournament’s most fearsome opponents, 3-0 in the finals. Our player was overcome by emotion after the exhausting weekend and teared up as he raised the cup surrounded by his team-mates and our Staff.

Team Queso wishes to congratulate Soking for reaching third place in the tournament, as well as the other players for their excellent performance and efforts. Let’s go!


The Liga de Videojuegos Profesional (Professional Videogames League) and Alvaro845 revealed during the finals of the Gamergy Masters that they are already preparing the Clash Royale Orange Super League. We are talking about the third game, the first one when it comes to mobile devices, to have a national league, thus solidifying Clash Royale as the eSport of the future.

Not much is known yet, so keep your eyes peeled for future announcements. The announcement makes clear that Clash Royale has taken a big step towards becoming the number one mobile game in the competitive scene and eSports