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Closing the circle, we are renewing Cuchii’s contract

The player Pere Manel Rodríguez ‘Cuchii Cuu’ is renewing his contract with us until the 31st of December 2019.

Choosing which players would lead such an ambitious project as Team Queso is never easy, we are very clear about our philosophy and which players share the same objectives with the team.

That’s why today’s news is very important for us, to talk about Cuchii Cuu means to talk about one of the most important pillars in our Clash Royale division. Pere Manel Rodríguez is a player who has been with Team Queso since the very beginning and embodies perfectly the values that we try to share with our fans.

Today we are pleased to announce the immediate renewal of Cuchii Cuu’s contract until the 31st of December 2019 aiming to keep our Clash Royale project stable.

The Majorcan player will remain in the ranks of Team Queso for another 18 months with the aim of continuing to lead our competitive Clash Royale project, bringing many more victories to the club along with his team-mates.

Cuchii Cuu wanted to share a few words regarding the renewal of his contract:

I am very happy and proud to be able to renew my contract with Team Queso, I keep fulfilling my dreams every day and I have to thank all the members of the team for continuing to trust me. Thanks to them I have grown in a way I would have never imagined and I think this year will be one of the best of my life, so I want to make the most of it.

Great things are coming, I promise not to disappoint. Thanks for everything, family.

Álvaro G. Buitrago, CEO and founder of Team Queso, has shared the following statements on the renewal of CuChii’s contract:

Personally, I am very proud of all the successes ofCuchii Cuu, he is a player who has not stopped improving since the day we announced the creation of Team Queso. He is the living example of a player who lets his work speak for itself, often far from the spotlight, but knows what to do when he has to take the lead. Cuchii Cuu will continue to play a leading role in Team Queso and that’s why we are very happy with the renewal of his contract.

Regarding the renewal of the Majorcan player, our Head Coach Sergio ‘Termisfa’ Fernández has also shared the following statements:

It is a pleasure for me that a person who has worked so hard and who has come up from the ranks is renewing his contract one more year with us, we are very comfortable working with Cuchii and we hope to continue to count on him for many more years.

Finally, we would like to thank you for the support we are getting all these days on our social networks. We’re still working to meet your expectations; more announcements are coming soon.