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Changes to the Clash Royale division

Up to four players will be leaving our division dedicated to Supercell’s game

Someone said that change is necessary to evolve, that life is made up of stages and that every decision taken is essential to move forward.

These months have been quite hectic at Team Queso, particularly in our Clash Royale division. Clash Royale is a very young but already ‘experienced’ eSport that continues to grow by leaps and bounds and which is receiving more and more support by top teams.

Supercell’s recent announcement about its official team-based competition has made of the transfer market the main protagonist these weeks, many top teams are starting to engage in negotiations with professional players.

Without beating around the bush, today we’re here to announce the departure of four of our players who, in their own way, have left a mark on Team Queso and all their fans. The players that will no longer be playing for Team Queso are:

  • DiegoB
  • Adrián Piedra
  • Coltonw83
  • Romk7

First, and as with Surgical Goblin’s departure, Coltonw83, the American player, will be leaving our organisation to be transferred to another club that will play the already announced CRL in a team closer to his home, with people he trusts and where he believes he will find a good leadership position.

We, Team Queso, would like to highlight the great professionalism and humility that have always accompanied Coltonw83 since he’s been a player in the club and of course wish him the best of luck in his new adventure.

On the other hand, we have Adrián Piedra who will become a free agent along with DiegoB, in the case of the ‘Pelón’ the reason for his departure from the team is mainly that he has not managed to adapt to the working patterns of the team. We have tried to keep Adrián with us but it was the player’s decision.

We wish him the best of luck in the future, and we have no doubt that a player of his quality will soon find a new project to contribute to.

DiegoB’s motives are totally different from those of the other players, although we, Team Queso, have always counted on him for the vast majority of competitions, have travelled and won alongside him (the Kings Cup and the SXSW) and he has been offered improvements in his conditions as a player, DiegoB has decided to leave the club without yet having a clear destination.

We wish him the best of luck, he is still very young and has an up-and-coming professional career.

We finished with Romk7, who is forced to leave Team Queso for strictly professional reasons and also begins his military service. We hope that he will do his best both personally and professionally. Before saying goodbye, we would like to reassure all our followers, keep your eyes open on all our social media during these weeks, we are more alive than ever.

Team Queso is just getting started