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Changes in TQ’s League of Legends division

POSTED BY TeamQueso 21/09/2019

SamCro and Gofio lead the renovation of Team Queso’s League of Legends division and, for the time being, four players will be leaving the team

The League of Legends season is fast approaching and Team Queso won’t remain idle while preparing for the new Superliga Orange. SamCro, manager and head coach, is getting everything ready. In addition, Gofio will be a strategic coach and Kaito an analyst, both remain in the team after doing a great job in the previous split and enjoy the full confidence of the club.

On the other hand, the squad suffers some important changes with the departure of four players. The only player who remains in Team Queso is Speedy, jungler,  Von, HungryPanda, Khantos and Nandisko. will be leaving the team. They’re all free agents now.

Team Queso wishes to thank the four of them for the time they have dedicated to the club, for being the ones who started this adventure with the team and for having fought so hard in every Superliga Orange match and making it possible for the fans of Team Queso to enjoy the team’s first victories in this game.

In the coming days Team Queso will have a complete squad and you will have more information about who will be joining Speedy, the club is planning to create something truly great and is eager to start: “With enthusiasm, proper attitude and hard work, we are going to build a team with which we can achieve our goals” says Samcro.

See you in the Summoner’s Rift!