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Oski continues being part of the project with Cuevas as manager after several changes in the roster for the 2020 season 

As you may already know, Team Queso participated in the last Clash of Clans World Championship in Hamburg, after having qualified thanks to their fantastic performance in Katowice. The team ended up placing third after losing to Nova in the semi-finals and defeating Tribe Gaming in the third-place play-off.


Now, regarding the 2020 season, out of the five players who participated in those finals back in October, only Oski will remain on Team Queso. We would like to thank Rigotorres, Fed, Almualin and Maicol for the time they have been with Team Queso and for having participated in these events that have increase the club’s visibility so much in Supercell’s game, we would like to wish them best of luck in their future endeavours.


As we say, the Majorcan Oscar “Oski” Vera will be the only one of those five finalists who will remain on Team Queso as a professional player. Juan, Jose and Reac will be joining him, the fifth player has yet to be confirmed, but we will announce it as soon as the ongoing try-outs are over.


Juan hails from Spain and he may sound familiar to some of you since he comes from Nova Esports and is the current world champion, no further introduction is needed. Jose is Venezuelan and is well known for his quality and versatility in the Spanish-speaking Clash of Clans scene. To prove a point, his flawless 7/7 during the CWL. Reac was already part of the Team Queso clan, although he was not part of the roster that qualified for the World Championship, his skills are undeniable and many probably remember his victory in the 1 v 1 of the 2019 Gamergy. 


As we said before, the fifth member of team will be announced soon and the rest of the clan members will also be part of Team Queso, many are the same as in the previous season and will try to qualify for Katowice through the ESL Brackets, whereas regarding Clan War Leagues only the ‘main’ team will be able to do so, although they will all work together. Among them are Tatop, Nemesis, Easy peacy, Pedro IE, Crisan, Tomas95, Gherex, Juliana, Victor or Ruben.


Cuevas will continue as manager of the division and in charge of organising everything related to Clash of Clans in Team Queso, including the management of the clan and ensuring that only the best are part of the main team: “Our aim is to have the best possible Spanish-speaking players accompanying our professional roster, giving them opportunities to showcase their progress in community tournaments or official brackets and trying to qualify once again for the World Championship organised by Supercell.


Zolokotroko will continue as a content creator related to Team Queso, uploading content to his YouTube channel with more than 180,000 subscribers. Together with Alvaro845, who also uploads Clash of Clans content regularly on his channel, the club and players will have the club’s full support.


With a new season in sight, at Team Queso we want to support Clash of Clans, a game very dear to our fan base, as much as possible. Our doors are open to any player who wants to try and is willing to work to prove he or she wants to be part of something great. Clash on!