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Team Queso secures its first SLO after defeating Arctic in the finals with a stunning performance from Ruben


Telepizza Team Queso finally earns the champion trophy of the Clash Royale Superliga Orange. After being defeated two years in a row in the playoffs, this time the team managed to defeat first X6tence after a great match and then Arctic in the final to take the trophy to the Queso Casa.


The four players were up to the task that day: fearsome opponents, a unique chance and a spectacular atmosphere in the terraces. Iván Abuso, Er Nahu B4N, CM Awesome and above all, Rubén. They all performed at the highest level and left Team Queso in the place it deserves.




The semi-final was an amazing game. You could feel the tension in every game, the players reacted to the audience’s support at every celebration and everything went just right to create a unique show fitting a Superliga Orange semi-final.


X6tence won the first set, with Rainbow and iAmJP asserting dominance and only Rubén scored for Team Queso. Then Team Queso reacted and won the following set and so on, until reaching the last game of the King of the Hill with both teams tied 2-2, iAmJP against Rubén.


The Team Queso player got his 5-0 with this game when he earned the three crowns in a game that began going in his favour with a Flying Machine that hit the tower several times at the beginning.


He used that advantage to set up a very strong push and close the match by getting the three crowns and putting Telepizza Team Queso in the final. Congratulations to X6tence for the great match and to their fans for the fantastic atmosphere.


Final against Arctic


The most important thing remained, the last step, and it was impossible not to win after the great show that was the semi-final. Rubén went on his path to get a 7-0 and, supported by Iván Abuso in the first set and Nahu in the second, Telepizza Team Queso found itself with a two-set-advantage and very close to earning the title.


Arctic fought back in the third set and Dergha defeated CM Awesome and Peke became the first to beat Rubén, but their efforts were in vain because in the fourth set Iván Abuso defeated Dergha and Rubén closed the match against Peke to get the victory and a new title for Telepizza Team Queso.




Rubén gave us a fantastic performance in these finals, achieving the best win rate in a playoff so far with an 88% of victories and a favourable 8-1 score. He also closed both the semi-final and the final with victories over iAmJP and Peke, and undoubtedly deserves this award.


Iván Abuso, on the other hand, received the award for the most exciting play of the finals. Two sequences of Miner, Giant Snowball and Poison gave the triumph to Team Queso during his game in the last set of the final.



Team Queso has finally earned this title, a title that has been playing hard to get for three years. After being crowned champion of the CRL Europe, competing in the world finals in Japan, and winning virtually every existing Clash Royale title, the Superliga Orange is already in the club’s showcases, where it had a reserved place.


Thank you very much to all the fans who came to support the team both at Gamergy and live on Twitch, as well as at Team Queso’s stand during the weekend. This year Gamergy smells like cheese.