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One of the most anticipated announcements by the Clash Royale competitive community has finally arrived to the game after two months with no news in this regard. We have heard criticism from dozens of professional and widely known players in both the national and international Clash Royale scene and, at last, our prayers have been heard. However, … Are these changes really what the game needed?


— Soking TeamQueso (@SokingRcQ) August 6, 2017



The Night Witch was undoubtedly the protagonist of all decks during the last meta. That is why many players craved blood and Supercell has heard their pleas. This card has suffered some unprecedented major changes.
⦁ A 9% damage decrease at all levels
⦁ A 11% range decrease
⦁ The bat spawn speed has been increased by one second
⦁ The number of bats that spawn on death has been decreased to 2
The nerf to the Night Witch was obviously needed. But, in my opinion, they went too far and now its usefulness is debatable. One has to be extremely careful when making balance changes, and I think they were not careful at all.
This is Soking’s opinion, but only time will tell if the Night Witch will really disappear from the competitive decks … and the players’ nightmares.


The nerf to the Battle Ram’s is not as remarkable as that of its fellow Night Witch: it will take a little longer to begin charging and the Barbarians’ spawn speed will be slower. “After these changes the bridge spam (spamming troops at the bridge) will not be as common, since all the troops that were used in these fast attacks, except the Bandit, have been nerfed. The Witch deals less damage and spawns fewer Bats and the Battle Ram has also been nerfed. I think it may end up being unused … Maybe it could still work with the Three Musketeers, but I have not tried it yet” tells us Pere Rodríguez “Cuchii Cuu“.


The Graveyard’s duration has been decreased by one second. Therefore, now it will spawn two fewer skeletons, they will be 15 compared to the previous 17.


While not as frequent as its fellow nerfed cards, the Electro Wizard is often seen in competitive decks. Its hitpoints have been decreased by 2% at all levels, but will still survive a Fireball.


Heal is, along with the Night Witch, the biggest target of players’ ire. It has even been stated that if you were using Poison and your rival Heal, regardless of your skills, you were doomed to lose. Its duration has been decreased by half a second, from 3 seconds to 2.5. Since Heal works by emitting healing pulses, this reduction means that instead of 7 healing pulses, now there will be 5. This means an effective 29% nerf. Have you overdone it again, Supercell?


This change may be one of the most shocking, since both cards, Buildings, are not particularly underused out of the 72 available in Clash Royale. The time it takes for both Buildings to start firing after being deployed in the arena is decreased by half a second, from 4 seconds to 3.5.


The damage of the Minipekka has been increased by 4.6%. A card very well known in Asian decks, not so much in European ones. This may signify the triumphant return of this card. PANCAKES!


Neither awaited nor expected. Until now. A 6% damage increase and a slightly higher hit speed (one tenth of a second) may be what this card needed to return (if it even was ever there) to the arena.


One of the cards that sees less play, sorry Sparky, given its legendary rarity. So, Supercell has taken action on this matter and has decided to increase its damage by 10%. Although, to compensate, its hit speed has been slightly decreased. Heads up! this change is not to be trifled at. This card will now kill Skeletons with a single hit.

“I think this change will bring back the siege decks (decks whose main offensive card is a Building) supported by the Ice Wizard. This may also mean the return of the Lightning, which along with The Log kills the MiniPEKKA. I also think that the Graveyard is going to be sparsely seen because, in my opinion, it should not have been nerfed. The adjustment of the Ice Wizard has already been an indirect nerf to the Graveyard” states the runner-up of the LATAM CCGS, Adrián Piedra.


Supercell, what are you even doing? The Bats became well-known after being the only card that was nerfed before being released. And now the developer takes it back and increases the Bat count to five, probably because the other four have not been seen during this meta. Will this be enough to make the card playable?

Mthja tells us that, although the changes seem spot-on to him, he would have appreciated some improvements to the cards that have been abandoned during this meta. For example, the Valkyrie or the Giant Skeleton, that virtually see no play, or the Bomber and the Spear Goblin. A buff to those cards would have increased the deck pool, thus making the game significantly more enjoyable, according to him.

“I’m happy because they have not nerfed the Goblins. I’m just kidding, I wanted to see the Ice Wizard being played more often and, in general, I think that all the changes are very positive. The cards that require less skill to use will disappear and it seems that we will see other cards that were quite uncommon” maintains Albert Oliver “Pou Legion“.

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