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The French Clash Royale player has decided not to continue in Team Queso this 2020 season


The cycle of Jarrod ‘Azilys’ Quezada in the club is over. After almost a year representing Team Queso, the player has decided not to continue this season and therefore will be leaving Team Queso, thus the team’s Clash Royale squad will see some changes in 2020.


Azilys joined Team Queso in May 2019, just before the start of the CRL West 2019 spring split, in which the team did not achieve the expected results. A few months later and after placing second in the Qlash League, he returned to CRL West ‘fall split’ and, with a much better performance, achieved a second place in the standings along with his team-mates. The squad was left on the verge of qualifying for the World Championship after losing to Team Liquid in the deciding match. 


During his time in the club, Azilys has had time not only to forge a great friendship with his now former team-mates but also to leave a deep mark on the team. Team Queso wishes to thank Jarrod for his fantastic performance and wish him all the best in the future. 


In any case, Team Queso has not remained idle so stay tuned to our social media, where during the next few days we will announce everything about our Clash Royale squad in 2020.


Thank you for everything, Azilys!