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Today, we are proud to introduce Arena Quesito, our subsidiary competitive clan affiliated with Team Queso. We take pride in the achievements garnered by some of our most renowned homegrown players, such as Soking or Cuchii Cuu. Our aim is to continue promoting and detecting talent in our youth teams, giving back to those that placed great trust in our project, and that is how Arena Quesito is born.

This new clan has an independent management and budget to that of Team Queso. This will allow us to take advantage of the already existing synergies of the organisation by connecting with Team Queso’s sporting management and following its philosophy and values. This will allow them to take part in competitions as an independent team, thus making for a better player development and utilisation of the talent and potential of those who stand out. All of this will be based on the experience provided by real competitions and attending to face-to-face events. Moreover, they also have a very cool logo.


The initial roster of Arena Quesito includes the following players: Periko, Jipi Matavaros, Antonio, Ruben, Nova I Andy and Vegeta. But we always keep an eye in our new star players!


In any case, Arena Quesito, just like Team Queso, will operate through a clan, ArenaQuesito (# 8PQQ0RVP) that will allow us to carry on in the same vein as before and thus discover those players who may become the next great promise.


Sermorglum will be in charge of managing Arena Quesito, he has been a key part of the RoyaleConQueso clans and now of Arena Quesito. It’s thanks to his dedication and effort that this project has come to fruition. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of Arena Quesito, you can apply by filling this form or through the RoyaleConQueso family by participating in the internal league. See you in the Arena!