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Team Queso relaunches its Arena Quesito Clash Royale project and signs a new roster of great players aspiring to compete in the CRL


After a long period of reflection on the semi-professional and amateur scene in Clash Royale, we once again dream about our academy competing against the greatest team of the international competitive scene.


Soon we will participate in the biggest individual and team-based competitions of the scene and we will do it thanks to the talent of players and technical staff who are «one step away» from competing in the CRL. Our intention is to serve as a platform and voice to those players who need to be seen, and to this end we will offer:


-Advice and help reaching out to teams participating in the CRL.


-Competing in the main international competitions of the scene and providing visibility.


-Support and advice on networking and content creation.


The idea behind Arena Quesito was always to seek out talent and help it grow and then promote it to the main team. This idea will remain pretty much the same, but now it will be easier for both players and staff to join CRL teams, as long as we do not seek to include them in our main roster.


Sermorglum (AQ Manager), Juaneo (AQ Coordinator), Eelke (TQ Coach) and Fuyur (TQ Sports Director) will oversee this project and will be available to both players and staff to answer any questions that may arise.




Coach Dani: Former coach of our academy, who left the team after winning the SLO with Team Queso, conquering the last edition of the OCL with Tenerife Titans and performing very well in the NoTilt finishing second with SpaceStation Gaming. He’s coming home to prove he’s ready to compete in the CRL.


Assistant coach AlvaroGL: A member of the Team Queso technical staff for several seasons, he is the team’s main analyst and will now take on the role of coach to further his career.


Analyst Oscar: He was the team’s analyst during the last NoTilt and the staff decided to have him back on the job.




JuicyJ: A CR powerhouse with plenty of experience in the CRL and winner of the WCG last year. He has played in teams such as Team Liquid, Misfits and Arena Quesito during the last NoTilt displaying his skills in both 1vs1 and 2vs2.


Shadow: JuicyJ’s 2vs2 team-mate in the past NoTilt. He also did very well in the OCL where he played in Outplayed. Pay close attention, CRL teams, to these two young players.


Juanma: He has been one of the best CR players for a long time. His youth has prevented him to prove himself in the big competitions so far. Now that he is 16, he is eager to prove his worth and demonstrate why he has always been called the new Rubén.


Awesome: A rising star recognised by the community in the ladder. He will, for sure, transfer those skills to the competitive scene. He has been a player of the Egyptian National Team and winner of the national Redbull M.E.O. in 2018 and 2019.


Tommy: A player with a noteworthy past in our academy who, after playing in Tribe and ACE where he has performed very well and proved his versatility in both 1v1 and 2v2, returns to his origins in Arena Quesito to show that he is more ready than ever to return to the top.


This new roster will make a début in the next SSG Cup and NoTilt. Pay close attention to them!