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The new season of the biggest Arena of Valor competition is about to start and Team Queso is proud to announce two new signings: Memorized and Simjo.


After the third-place finish in the previous Valor Series, our players have been aching to compete. ESL and Tencent didn’t have to be asked twice for they’ve just announced the start of the next Valor Series with the first qualifiers beginning this Saturday.


At the end of 2018 Team Queso lost in the semi-finals of the second Valor Series, in Brazil, where the world championship was held. The venue for this year’s finals is not yet known, but Team Queso will do their best to be there and to win the title.


To do so, Navalha has strengthened the team with two signings, two German players well-known in the competitive scene. Memorized, 23 years old, is support and Simjo, 25 years old, is solo-lane. Both have experience in major competitions, they even met each other in the finals of the first season of the Valor Series on the For the Dream team.


Ready to work, Navalha, Samcro and Poti only think about winning this Valor Series, everything will begin on Saturday in the first qualifier, where more than 50 teams will compete against each other throughout the day to place as high as possible.


After a pure draw, the teams will face each other in a Bo1 double bracket, which will be further extended to Bo3 and Bo5 as the rounds progress and there are fewer teams left until reaching the final. The following Saturday, in the second qualifier with the same format, the 6 teams with the best overall ranking or after both dates will have secured their spot in the regular league of the Valor Series Europe.


Team Queso has started the year hungering for success and Navalha has warned everyone that Team Queso is going all out to win the title: ‘We’ve opened the borders, we’ve acquired two new international signings, we’ve got the best possible team right now and we’re not really going to settle for a third place like last year. We must win everything, we have the team to do so and we are Team Queso, so we are going to win this Valor Series.


Pay close attention to Team Queso’s Arena of Valor team, you can follow what our players will be doing next Saturday on our team’s social media.