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Team Queso and AppGrade join forces and sign a collaboration agreement focused mainly on the organisation of on-line tournaments

 AppGrade is a platform or application for mobile devices that can be used to follow live results and mobile eSports competitions. The application sorts and displays all the information related to any tournament or event and live updates so you won’t miss a single detail. It can be used by both users, participants as well as the tournament organisers themselves. 

Team Queso and AppGrade have already worked together on events such as the Brawl Stars Snowtel QuesoCup, or the Clash of Clans QuesoCup and the Wild Rift Wild Series tournaments, which are currently ongoing. Organising and overseeing these tournament has been more efficient thanks to the participation of AppGrade.

The agreement between both organisations focuses mainly on the organisation of on-line tournaments for mobile games. Team Queso plans to hold a series of tournaments or QuesoCups for mobile games during 2021, and all of them will have the collaboration of AppGrade.

From this week and, of course, in collaboration with AppGrade, the weekly Wild Rift (Wild Series) tournaments will begin, the Clash of Clans QuesoCup is also coming back and more will be announced during 2021, all with AppGrade’s participation. 

You can find more information about AppGrade on their social media and download the application on your mobile devices by clicking on this link. That way you will be able to keep track of the events organised by Team Queso, as well as other tournaments within the mobile competitive scene, such as the Clash Royale Brenchong Cup. 

AppGrade is the perfect partner for Team Queso’s plans in the future for mobile games and competitions that the club aims to organise. Both organisations are also planning to release new joint on-line products that will be announced later.