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El Tetón will carry on with his university studies and will not play the next CRL Europe thus becoming the second departure from the Clash Royale squad.


It is with sadness that we announce the departure of Anthony, who this year will complete his university studies and will not be able to participate in the next Clash Royale League. The Mexican player therefore terminates his relationship with Team Queso, and joins Saint Belikin, who also chose to focus on his studies, as the two departures from the CRL squad.


Anthony D’Angelo, a cracking player both in the arena and outside of it, dazzled all of us who have been with him during this time. His goodwill and the permanent smile on his face have improved our day-to-day life and this has been particularly noticeable both in coexistence and competition. He was a key part in achieving the CRL 2018 Europe with one of the best win rates of the tournament.


Besides, Anthony has participated in the conquest of many other achievements while being in Team Queso, among them we can highlight a RPL, Liga Leyenda, and two qualifications to CCGS.

Fuyur, our CR manager explains why he will be missed: ‘Anthony has been with us all the way from when we started the first amateur tournaments in RcQ to playing the biggest competition ever dreamed of by CR fans and he has always proved to be an excellent player as well as a wonderful person’. His team-mate Cuchii Cuu goes even further: ‘Anthony is one of the best players and friends that anyone would want to have by his side every day, and without him nothing will be the same’.

When unable to keep him as a player, Team Queso offered Anthony the possibility of staying in the club and becoming CR Content Creation Manager, but El Tetón chose to fully dedicate himself to his studies and his own content creation, as he has a Youtube channel with 300.000 subscribers. hTeam Queso will deeply feel his absence and we would like to wish him the best of luck in his studies and in his activity as a content creator. It won’t be us denying you of his tilts when streaming!

¡Thanks Tetón!