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Alewar becomes a new member of Team Queso’s Fortnite team and will compete alongside Naranjito and DiegoGB


Álvaro Ferreño Iglesias, better known as Alewar, is already in Team Queso and in the Queso Casa. From Irún (Basque Country), he is 16 years old and can’t wait to prove his worth. He defines his style of play as confident and aggressive and does not intend to waste this opportunity.


A few years ago, he took a picture with Alvaro845 at a convention like any other fan, and today fate and his good work have made him part of Team Queso: “After so much time training I’m very happy to be able to fulfil a dream, especially when considering that I’ll be playing with the players I admire the most,” said Alewar.


The Basque already showcased his talent in the Trios Cash Cup 2, last July, when he played with Prisionero and Patata and reached the top 11 in Europe. Now his trio team-mate will be Naranjito, as well as Diego GB, and together they will form a team with great chances of succeeding. 


In this way, the Team Queso Fortnite division will have Clynt and Lucas as coaches, Prisionero, Patata and Uri are a trio, and Naranjito and Alewar will be trio team-mates as well. Each of them will compete individually in the Solos competitions that Epic announces.


Team Queso wishes to give a warm welcome to Alewar and best of luck!