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Afm joins Team Queso’s LoL squad to compete in the Iberian Cup

POSTED BY TeamQueso 09/10/2020

The SLO Cup is finally here and Team Queso has a few changes to announce regarding its League of Legends division

The squad that will be representing Team Queso in the next Iberian Cup is made up of Raven, Roison, Kadir, Afm and Aizhon. Prod1gy becomes the Head Coach and Koala, until now in Arena Quesito, becomes the analyst.

André ‘Afm’ Martins will be joining the team as the new ADC to replace Rayito. Portuguese, 21 years old, Afm will be travelling to the neighbouring country from Portugal, where he has been playing until now, mainly in the team ‘For The Win’. He has earned the trust of the coach and his team-mates and will be attacking the enemy’s bot lane in this Iberian Cup.

Regarding the staff, it’s worth highlighting Prod1gy’s promotion to Head Coach and Koala’s jump from Arena Quesito to the main team as analyst. You already know the rest of the players as they remain unchanged from the previous Superliga Orange split, where Team Queso placed fourth in the regular league.

The Iberian Cup starts on Tuesday the 20th of October and next Tuesday the 13th is the group stage draw. You can follow both events on LVP‘s Twitch channel. Don’t forget to follow Team Queso on Twitter to keep up to date on the latest news! 

See you in the Summoner’s Rift!