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On the 3rd of December at the Copper Box Arena in London, the Clash Royale Crown Championship Global Series World Finals will take place. After many qualifiers, challenges, phases and preliminary rounds throughout this year, 16 players from all over the world will compete against each other to earn the title and the 150,000 that will be awarded to the champion in the biggest event that has been held to date. Two of our players will be competing there, Adrián Piedra and Coltonw83, who managed to qualify in these last days.


Adrián Piedra managed to qualify for the Finals after defeating his opponent without too much trouble in the LATAM autumn finals. The ‘pelón’ has been almost unbeatable throughout the competition, placing first in Phase 5 and winning all three games in the Fall Finals, thus getting his spot in London. He will be joined by his compatriot SergioRamos, who qualified for the final after placing second.


Coltonw83’s journey was a bit more complicated since he didn’t qualify for the autumn finals in North America. However, he still had some options to qualify for the London finals, but first let’s talk about what happened in the other regions.


In the European Autumn Finals, Surgical Goblin and Soking were the opponents to beat, after placing first and second respectively, performing fantastically during Phase 5. Islaw also had a fair chance to qualify since he was in a fantastic shape. The two autumn finalists got a place for the Grand Final but things didn’t go well for our players. Surprisingly, Loupanji defeated Islaw and Surgical Goblin in the upper bracket, and Soking fell against Berin. After being relegated to the lower bracket, another German, this time Loay, defeated our players and eliminated them from the tournament. The French player Loupanji, who surprised everyone with his Miner control deck with a Goblin Hut, managed to defeat Berin in two consecutive BO5s matches during the final and was eventually the winner of the tournament. These last two players qualified for the London finals.


In the Autumn Finals in North America, MusicMaster, who totally dominated the competition during the last two phases, and CmCHugh that finished second both got their place


In the ROW region (Rest of the World) the Israeli ElecTr1fy got his place, after Supercell disqualified Devansh.


Surgical Goblin, Soking and Coltonw83 had one last chance, the winner of the Invitational tournament would qualify for the London finals. A single-elimination BO3 tournament in which some of the world’s best players like Azilys, Atchiin, King Joao, Nemsensei, Oxalate, Jigsawqt and our team members participated. It was not going to be easy since only the winner would qualify for the finals. And that was when Colton gave the best of himself, like he did during the Gamergy. The American player had a perfect Invitational tournament and managed to beat Oxalate 3-2 in the final, making a comeback from an initial 0-2. An epic victory for the Californian player who got his place in the World Finals after going through the most complicated journey of the tournament.


We would like to congratulate our players from Europe (Surgical Goblin, Soking and Islaw) that after breezing through all the previous phases, things didn’t go their way at the end, but we are sure that next season they will return with much more strength.


Now we just have to wait until the 3rd of December to cheer on Adrián Piedra and Coltonw83, who will fight for the Clash Royale ‘best player in the world’ title in the CCGS World Finals.