Once again, we are pleased to announce the addition of a new member to Team Queso. We are talking about Coltonw83, who has many impressive achievements such as being a finalist of the CRNAO, qualified in the Arena Battles, finalist of the Queso Cup, finalist of the King’s Cup, finalist of the CRCS and winner of both the first season of the RPL and the WCL. All these achievements add up to the by no means negligible figure of $15,000. While in the current state of the Clash Royale competitive scene it is virtually impossible to determine the quality of a player by taking into account the prizes obtained, it is also true that they are an indicator of the quality of our new member.

In addition, Colton, a 19-year-old American player, has proved to be a mature and committed person that is deeply involved with the Clash Royale competitive scene and also believes in our project. That’s why we give him a warm welcome and we hope to make him feel at home as soon as possible.

We cannot say goodbye without mentioning the person who has given us so much and today decided to part ways with us. Thanks for everything Kojisan, and remember that you can always count on Team Queso for whatever you need.

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