MSC Spring Clanwars Recap

MSC Spring Clanwars Recap

We came back with the Trophy!

Some days ago we told you that we were going to take part in Millenium Super Clash Spring Clanwars, team tournament where we were invited to participate in the live final in Paris.

We had an awesome weekend in Paris, and we expended hours in training and a long day (9h of competition!). Finally, and with very satisfying results for all our players, we defeated Ad eSports in the Final, who unfortunately wasn’t able to play with its whole roster, due to personal issues of one of their players.

We came back home very happy for the success and very thankful to Millenium for organizing the tournament, a very positive initiative that we hope to be imitated by many in the future, as we think that team competition is the future of the game.

As usually, we brought you some pics so you can know best how the tournament was 🙂

Watch the full competition!