A key week in VGL Challengers

A key week in VGL Challengers

Today, at 19:00h CET you can watch LIVE our Vainglory team facing Helldivers in VGL Challengers, in their Twitch channel. If we win that match, tomorrow we’ll have a difficult round, probably having to face seed 2, Lemon&Lime. That round winner will be one of the Teams in the winner bracket of VGL Challenger Series Playoffs. If we lose in one of these rounds, we still have the possibility to achieve Playoffs in the losers bracket. You can see here all the details and possibilities depending on our performance (we are Group 2):

It’s importante to remember that the 3 best positions in these Playoffs will have the opportunity to Challenge a team currently in Vainglory8 , and if they win, they get the position in V8, and will have the chance to compete in a Live Final at the end of the season.

Come and support our guys!

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