Final Roster for NA!!

Final Roster for NA!!

Today we are proud to announce that one more professional player will be joining Team Queso. Our new member is EsoPa, a US player who has repeatedly demonstrated his astounding skills and thus was chosen to play for his national team in the World Clash League (WCL) and in the new CR Worlds. Moreover, EsoPa has achieved many impressive feats such as having obtained over 400,000 cards in challenges, ranking among the world’s top players at the end of the season or being a finalist in the CRNAO.

EsoPa alongside with Coltonw83, who recently joined our team, and Marcelp will make up Team Queso’s North American official roster. We are confident that these three players will play a decisive role during the Spring Season of the Crown Championship recently announced by Supercell.

Since the very first moment there has been a great climate of understanding between Team Queso and the player. Last but not least, Team Queso would like to thank EsoPa for his trust in our project and reaffirm that we will strive to support the professional growth of our players.


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